Dandelion & Burdock

Memorable design needs to be surprising, emotional, and meaningful. We like to work with clients who are prepared to, and are brave enough to be different. This happens when we work closely with clients so they become comfortable with different ideas, advanced technologies and new ways of working. We firmly believe in adopting future friendly technology to ensure your brand is reflected properly today in tomorrow's world. Setup in 2005 by founders Nils Porrmann & Niall Thompson (combining the precision of German engineering and the tact of English sensibility), dandelion & burdock offer unprecedented attention to detail and beautiful, intelligent aesthetics to create emotional design to truly connect with your audience.

Dickon Knowles joined as a partner of the company in the Summer of 2013. He started collaborating with dandelion & burdock way back in 2007 he has quickly become indispensable to the team.