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Two things matter about a website: being found and holding the attention of your visitor. To make this happen, I draw on a reservoir of design experience and an in-depth knowledge of website technology.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the way websites are found by people searching the web. No question, search engines are The Law. They are constantly finding faster, more efficient search criteria, so the rules change almost daily like the weather (and just as fickle). They reward websites that obey the rules and punish those that don't. Anyone who cheats, pays a heavy price! Search engines like a good track record, the relevance of the site to the search question and the ease of navigation through the site. Believe me, it takes a while to be at number one.

At Juice, I keep track of the changes as they happen. I build the sites in a way that the search engines can crawl easily through them. There are also other techniques that to shift you up the ranking (link to website design).

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8 Waltham Avenue

Wigan, WN6 7RU
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