Kent Web

Working on website after website - going square-eyed with SQL and php scripting Caroline came out with ‘web design has really ruined the internet for me. Anyway - We're based in Gillingham, Kent and have worked with lots of companies and organisations throughout the UK. Tiger Shark Studios Ltd is our Graphic Design company - it specialises in Corporate Branding and has set up 100s of new companies - with new Logos, Signage, Window Graphics, Banners, Pop-Ups, Boards and so many Van Graphics that we've lost count.

That's where the Tiger Shark Logo comes from - but we're all part of the same company so we thought we'd carry the theme over to the Kent Web Co website. When we set up our business as a partnership in 2007 - we got all carried away and built our own website - it was a steep learning curve with bare code - and none of the website editing software that make it so much easier today.