Star Lead Generation

In 2010 a small group of us came together. Spread out between UK and Asia we embarked on a journey of discovery. Using our vast skills within the industry we quickly realised that we were able to place relatively new websites, Facebook pages and YouTube videos to the top of Google. Our aim was to become a natural lead generation platform for the industries which we want to work with.

We decided that our mission was to help the entrepreneur to get an established position on the net and to be found under search terms that the client would ordinarily think that they would not be featured under.

We then set about building and developing websites for clients. We found this to be a slow process whereby clients generally hold their in house techie with very high regard in which case when we looked at their existing sites and found that they were using the wrong software or that their sites were not ranking where they should have been ranking, because of reasons which were obvious to us.